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Whistler BC 2005 7200ftPages in development. Thank you for your patience. At this point, I am still building the containers for much great content to come. Please come back often to visit these pages.

Welcome to my Journal. Grantville Times is not a news medium as such, but my personal journal. I was a summer interne newspaper reporter in New Haven, Connecticut during college—a wonderful experience, and once the ink gets flowing in your veins, you are a newshound for life. I learned principles of reportorial integrity during the age of what used to be called 'objective reporting,' when for a few decades after World War Two, news editors and reporters strove to separate their reporting from the editorial manacles of their usually ultra-corporate publishers and owners. I'll have a lot more to say on these and other topics, especially on my Progressive Horizon pages.

Some Background. I've trained and worked as a journalist, among other writing related occupations in my life, with a B.A. in English (University of Connecticut), BBA in Computer Information Systems and Accounting (National University), and an MS in Business Administration (Boston University, Metropolitan College Overseas Division Heidelberg, West Germany) while serving honorably in the U.S. Army for six years in Europe during the Cold War. I have written over forty books (mostly fiction; some nonfiction typically on History and related subjects). About my work: let it speak for itself. I cordially invite you to look through my Bookshop (Café Okay) and browse for anything that may interest you. Most of my work can be purchased inexpensively from retailers online including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

I've been working online since 1996, when I was the first person ever to publish entire proprietary (not public domain) novels (standard industrial) online (not on portable media like CD-ROM or floppies) in HTML format (to be read directly on the computer screen, not from secondary media again like CD-ROM or floppies). You can read more about those topics at the Clocktower Books Museum pages online (part of this webplex).

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Visit the Bookshop—books, articles, and shorter fiction by Jean-Thomas Cullen (romantic-sentimental) also writing as John T. Cullen (nonfiction and thrillers) plus John Argo (genre SF, mystery, suspense, fantasy). Or ride the carousel at the Bookshop (see next).

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