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The Daily Snop: Content Soon. John T. Cullen analyzes and explains his own stories, and those of occasional authors he has taken a special interest in. Primary purpose: starting with influences (e.g., Alfred Hitchcock, John Buchan, and Robert Ludlum among archetypal authors for John T. Cullen's Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller (world's first Progressive Thriller). For starters, read the Thrillerology at the novel's dedicated website Luxembourg Thriller; includes what I call 'the Final Secret of Alfred Hitchcock.'

The Reading Room: Content Soon. Nonfiction articles written as John T. Cullen (name also on my thriller series). Covers many areas, most often in history and sciences.

Disassume: Content Soon. In the Disassume pages, we see how the language we use is based on obsolete and often skewed ideas about history and our world. We disassume our language, in order to deconstruct and rebuild our world story. By understanding what things really mean, and words we would be better off using instead, we can better understand history and make this a better world. Technical note: often, the old (disassumed) cannot go away, by definition, because we have to understand the mistakes of the past so we can have a clearer vision going forward.

Pages in development. Thank you for your patience. At this point, I am still building the containers for much great content to come. Please come back often to visit these pages.

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